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Botanical Gallery – Group gift

What Next - Group gift

  • Botanical Gallery is the new group gift at the Mainstore (copy/mod – please note that although it’s moddable it’s 1 piece of decor, cannot be unlinked and used separately – 4LI – original mesh)
  • Camber coffee table & decor (INCLUDES : coffee table: 3LI – with 4 texture-options & 2 metal options (drawers decorative/non-opening) ; Coffee Tray : 1LI ; Coffe Tray V2: 2LI (with steam FX) gives out a temp-rez wearable coffee cup on touch ; newspaper decor – 1 land impact). Coffee props use Bento animations for Bento hands. Available at Mainstore and on Marketplace
  • Quatrefoil Lamps includes a floor lamp, table lamp (not in this picture) and a wall sconce – 3 metal finishes of each lamp are included: brass, black and nickel.
    Each scripted to be a light source (see instructions below). Shade colour in off-white only. Copy/mod (script is no mod) Floor lamp: 2LI each ; Wall sconce & table lamp: 1LI each. Original mesh. Available st the Mainstore and on Marketplace
  • Charlotte Floor Cushion. Each cushion is mesh. This set includes 3 differently textured floor cushion (no texture change options).  Available at the Mainstore and on Marketplace


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