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JTDD Clarksburg Vintage Set Complete

Dreamland Designs - DD Clarksburg Vintage Set Complete

EXCLUSIVE for Blueprint Event until 12th nov.

JTDD Clarksburg Vintage Set Complete is available in Adult & PG version.

This Set is a collaboration between Dreamland Designs and Joolee Tee.

This set includes :

  • JTDD Clarksburg Vintage Chair – 7Li, copy/mody
  • JTDD Clarksburg Vintage Console – 2Li, copy/mody
  • JTDD Clarksburg Vintage Pillow Stack – 2Li, copy/mody
  • JTDD Clarksburg Vintage Lamp – 3Li, copy/mody
  • JTDD Clarksburg Vintage Clock-Decor Only – 2Li, copy/mody
  • JTDD Clarksburg Blanket Ladder – 2Li, copy/mody
  • JTDD Clarksburg Tall Candle Lamp – 4Li, copy/mody
  • JTDD Clarksburg Rug – 2Li, copy/mody
  • JTDD Vintage Bookstack With Cup – 2Li, copy/mody
  • JTDD Clarksburg Vintage Basket – 1Li, copy/mody
  • JTDD Cotton Stem Vase – 2Li, copy/mody


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