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Colonna Coffee Station – Full Set

What Next - Colonna Coffee Station_002

For Sale-A-Palooza Week 3 – 50%off at the mainstore until Oct 27th. 

Colonna Coffee Station designed with fellow coffee lovers in mind, the coffee machine gives out a cup of coffee prop on touch – with a choice of espresso, cappuccino or latte.

The set includes :

  • coffee machine, which gives out a cup of coffee prop. ALL 6 colours of the coffee machine are included.
  • Attractive detailed sideboard, with or without shelf decor. 3 finishes of the sideboard included – wood finish, wood top and painted white finish, or all white finish.
  • Set of 3 storage canisters decor(one object)
  • Wall art chalkboard with hanging cup detail and texture options on the chalkboard, as well as a blank texture for you to customise

Total land impact 8
– sideboard: 3LI with bottom shelves decor
– sideboard without decor: 2LI
– coffee machine: 2LI
– chalkboard: 2LI
– storage cannisters:1LI

100% original mesh
copy/mod (scripts, cup props, animation are no mod)

Colonna Coffee Bar Signs

Add a finishing touch to your coffee station with this decorative coffee bar sign.3 versions includes: with lights on wood, on, wood or just the text by itself, 2LI for the text and unlit versions and 3LI for the lit version, copy & mod.


After Oct 27th available at the Mainstore and on Marketplace (Colonna) Marketplace(Signs)


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