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Witch’s Posions Drink Cart

Merak - Witch's Posions Drink Cart_001


An EXCLUSIVE for Equal 10 Event

Wondering what to serve for your Halloween Party ?

We have just the cocktail for you !

All of the cocktails are for rezzing and decor, and one of the cocktails : “Absolut Masquerade Cocktail” comes in wear version as well.

Set :

  • [Merak] – Drinks Cart, 7Li, Copy/Mody
  • [Merak] – Pick Your Poison, 2Li, Copy/Mody
  • [Merak] – Zombie Apocalypse- Cocktail Dispenser, 2Li, Copy/Mody
  • [Merak] – Witch’s Brew Glasses and Bottle, 2Li, Copy/Mody
  • [Merak] – Zombie Apocalypse Cocktail, 1Li, Copy/Mody
  • [Merak] – Absolut Masquerade Cocktail REZZ and WEAR, 1Li, Copy/Mody
  • [Merak] – Witch’s Coasters, 2Li, Copy/Mody
  • [Merak]- Poison Apple Cocktail, 1Li, Copy/Mody

Items are sold separately, and can also be bought as a full set.


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MERAK Marketplace

MERAK Flickr

MERAK Flickr Group Pool


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