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Victorian Elegance Bedroom

Classic Spring chaise

Nursery Set

APHRODITE - Heart Homes - Victorian Elegance Bedroom

Victoria Elegance Bedroom : a gorgeous, classic victorian – style bed, lovingly restaurated to modern standards. Based on a strong, padded wooden frame, this bed boasts lovingly detailed metal applications, a host off pillows and a blanket thats lets you really lay under it, if you choose to sleep in the bed.

Texture changer to many bedding sets!
Working cover on sleeping poses to sleep warm at night.

Come in PG / Adult / Adult-BDSM version.

Set :

  • <Heart Homes> Victorian Elegance Couple Bed, 28Li, Copy
  • <Heart Homes> Victorian Elegance Bed Bench, 4Li, Copy
  • <Heart Homes> Victorian Elegance Nightstand, 8Li, Copy
  • <Heart Homes> Victorian Elegance Nightlamp, 2Li, Copy

Available at the Mainstore and on Marketplace (PG)

Classic Spring chaise : the perfect, elegant touch for your living room, this

chaise has space for two, whilst reliving the splendor or 16th century castles. 3Li,


Come in PG / Adult version.

Available at the Mainstore and on Marketplace (PG)

Nursery Set:  Elegant baby crib and diaper changing unit, with color

changer and the best new animations for the family and the new baby!

Set :

  • Aphrodite – Spring Joy – Little bed, 20Li, copy
  • Aphrodite – Spring Joy – Nursery Table, 21, copy

Available at the Mainstore



APHRODITE Marketplace




APHRODITE Flickr Group Pool


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