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“Magical Fall” Living Room

APHRODITE - Heart Homes - Magical Fall Living Room_001

New releases EXCLUSIVE for SaNarae this round:

“Magical Fall” Living Room : the same living room come in two options, Christmas or Fall themed , with different decos, and the best animations and props as always, for you to choose. Original mesh, ultra low prims.

“Magical Fall” Living Room set :

  • <Heart Homes> “Magical Fall” Sofa, 4Li, copy

  • <Heart Homes> “Magical Fall” Chair, 2Li, copy

  • <Heart Homes> “Magical Fall” Chest Table, 1Li, copy

  • <Heart Homes> “Magical Fall” Rug, 1Li, copy

  • <Heart Homes> “Magical Fall” hearty cookies Platter, 2Li, copy

  • <Heart Homes> “Magical Fall” Windlight, 2Li, copy

  • <Heart Homes> “Magical Fall” Pumpkin Deco, 2Li, copy

  • <Heart Homes> “Magical Fall” Sideboard, 2Li, copy

  • <Heart Homes> “Magical Fall” Wall Deco, 1Li, copy

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