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Agata Kitchen 

MERAK - Agata Kitchen


Agata Kitchen is available at 6° Republic in 2 versions – White and Blue


  • 3 Versions of kitchen counters each 1 LI

  • 1 Kitchen cabinet

  • 1 Kitchen shelf

  • 1 Main cabinet

  • 1 Kitchen Sink Counter with animations

The kitchen set all together is 11 LI

Both versions of the kitchen come with two types of Marble!


These items are sold separately of the kitchen.

  • Bar Stool is 2LI – contains animations with props

  • Wooden Boards, 1Li

  • Stack of Plates, 1Li

  • Stack of Bowls, 1Li

  • Stack of Cups, 1Li

  • Pitcher and Cups, 1Li


Complete Scene :

Kitchen Goodies 


  • Bread Loaf, 2Li

  • Coffee Station, 2Li

  • Bread Sticks, 2Li

  • Oranges Basket, 2Li

  • Spices rack, 4Li

Available at the Mainstore


MERAK Mainstore

MERAK Marketplace

MERAK Flickr

MERAK Flickr Group Pool


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