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Winter Dining Set AND Jam Season

MERAK - Winter Dining Set


Winter Dining Set : The set includes a bench that has 4 sitters, as well as a dining table. Both sets come in a Rustic and a Clean wood version.

Separately, you can also purchase the dining table setting, with two plates, warm buns and utilities, on a rustic wood stomp.


  • Dining table – 2LI, copy/mody

  • Dining bench – 7Li, copy

  • Table setting -2LI, copy/mody

The bench has texture change menus in each of the blankets as well as the cushions. You can mix and match some fun colors as well as monochromatic.

Jam Season : Autumn mood has kicked in!

The set includes:

  • Empty Crate- 2LI

  • Jam Crate- 3LI

  • Crate with Cloth- 2LI

  • Bucket of Autumn Flowers- 2LI

Available at the Mainstore


MERAK Mainstore

MERAK Marketplace

MERAK Flickr

MERAK Flickr Group Pool

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