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Princess GACHA

APHRODITE - Princess Gacha

New releases EXCLUSIVE for Enchantment Event :

Pricess GACHA : this fantastic and versatile & beautiful “Princess set” gacha, but fully animated with automatic attachments prop system, with customizable MOD gifts table so you can write your princess name or fav legend on top! For any girl party that you want to throw out, even if its a birthday, rezzday, baby shower or any other celebration, this set would be just perfect for you, so don’t you dare to miss it!


  • Aphrodite princess carriage RARE, 17Li
  • Aphrodite gift boxes display RARE, 3Li
  • Aphrodite big lights & petals area RARE, 3Li
  • Aphrodite Princess – Big Cake RARE, 16Li
  • Aphrodite Princess – Big Cake Stand, 3Li
  • Princess Treats box 1, 1Li
  • Princess Treats box 1, 1Li
  • Aphrodite heart scripted balloons Left, 3Li
  • Aphrodite heart scripted balloons Right, 3Li
  • Aphrodite Princess – Cookie Jar, 3Li
  • Aphrodite Princess – Gumballs (Silver), 10Li
  • Aphrodite Princess – Milkshake giver, 11Li
  • Aphrodite Frosted Donuts Platter, 27Li
  • Aphrodite princess macaroons platter, 11Li
  • Aphrodite Princess – Apple Pie, 11Li
  • Aphrodite croquembouches platter, 11Li
  • Aphrodite Princess – Crown Lolly, 9Li
  • Aphrodite Princess – Crown Lolly, 8Li
  • Aphrodite Princess – Loving Heart Cookies, 2Li
  • Aphrodite Raspberry Tarts & meringues platter, 4Li
  • Aphrodite Princess – Meringues platter, 8Li
  • Aphrodite Princess – Box of cream cookies, 6Li
  • Aphrodite Princess – Candle, 2Li




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