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Grow your own christmas tree

ASTRALIA - Grow your own christmas tree

Available at UBER

Grow your own christmas tree  VIDEO

The “grow your own Christmas tree” is an ultimate gardening experience

  • Interact with the plant by clicking it once per day in order to make it slowly grow. In the pack there is also a “fast version”, without daily limitation, to go trough all the steps very quickly.

  • The tree has 6 growth steps and you can use your own Christmas ornaments to decor it once it reaches the last steps. It will tell you when he is ready to be decorated.

  • The tree comes in 3 color versions: pink, white and green. They can purchased separately or in a big discounted fatpack.

  • The display size is scaled down to fit the booth. The original one is a bit bigger and has a land impact of 38 prims in total (all steps included)

  • In the pack you will have a HUD to check how the growth is going! The tree will evolve every 3 days, so the regular version will need around 15 days to reach the final step. The hud is just a tool to check which step you are in, it doesn’t do any further action. The progress happens only by touching the plant itself. The tree can be controlled by the owner only. Other people won’t be able to interact with it.

  • If you don’t interact with your plant for 5 DAYS, it will die.

  • copy/mody

Christmas garland : come in three different color like the tree. Pink Green and White with red or white bows. 1Li, copy/mody.




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