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Christmas Buffet GACHA

APHRODITE - Christmas Buffet GACHA

Christmas Buffet Gacha : set 4 Rares and 12 Commons

Available at SWANK


  • Aphrodite – “Xmas Gacha” Big Santa Cake RARE, 9Li

  • Aphrodite – “Xmas Gacha” Table RARE COPY VERSION, 8Li

  • Aphrodite – “Xmas Gacha” Alstromeria Flowers RARE, 2Li

  • Aphrodite – “Xmas Gacha” JOY sign RARE, 1Li

  • Aphrodite – “Xmas Gacha” Hot Choco mugs, 5Li

  • Aphrodite – “Xmas Gacha” pile of plates, 1Li

  • Aphrodite – “Xmas Gacha” Egg Snowmen Platter, 3Li

  • Aphrodite – “Xmas Gacha” Peppermint Candies pyramid, 2Li

  • Aphrodite – “Xmas Gacha” Caprese brochettes platter, 2Li

  • Aphrodite – “Xmas Gacha” Cheese Tree & Sausages in shirt, 2Li

  • Aphrodite – Gingerbread cookies platter, 2Li

  • Aphrodite – “Xmas Gacha” red crinkles platter, 2Li

  • Aphrodite – “Xmas Gacha” cracker with cheese platter , 2Li

  • Aphrodite – “Xmas Gacha” Caprese appetizer platter, 2Li

  • Aphrodite – “Xmas Gacha” donuts on plate, 1Li

  • Aphrodite – “Xmas Gacha” Winter Marshmallows Dispenser, 1Li




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