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Christmas Calendar GIFT

MADPEA - Christmas Calendar Gift

Christmas Calendar

Counting down the days from December 1st to Christmas with a beautiful Advent calendar is a great way to build up the excitement and suspense of the holidays.

Available for sale until January 1st at Mainstore and Marketplace

To use your Christmas Calendar: Each day of December, click on that day’s drawer to receive your daily item. If you miss a day, don’t worry, you can always go back and get it the next time you are on!

Since it includes 20 of MadPea’s holiday best sellers and 5 brand new exclusively themed items.

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Some GIFT :

  • MadPea Nutcracker Follower (wearable)

  • MadPea Rustic Starlight Garland : a simply sparkling piece of decor, this Rustic Starlight Garland will look good hanging in your window or against your wall as a backdrop. Land impact is 6, but may increase if you decide to resize it.

  • MadPea All is Calm – Wooden Frame : Wooden Frame is rezzable decor for your cozy winter scenes. It rezzes as a standing frame for floor or tabletop use, and is 1 LI.

  • MadPea Christmas Certificate of Good Behavior : show off your good behavior with our Christmas Certificate of Good Behavior! It’s official and signed by Santa!

    To customize your certificate, click on “Touch me to set text” to get the pop-up menu. You can then choose to enter text (up to 24 characters), with the text… button, as well as change the color of the text of the name field. Land impact is 6 and may increase if you resize the item.

  • MadPea Milk & Cookies : is rezzable decor that looks delicious with zero calories! It rezzes as a plate, cookies and mug all in one item, and is 1 LI.

  • MadPea Dashing Through Snow Dome Gold

  • MadPea Winter Wonderland Snow Dome Silver – each snow dome is menu driven. In order to pull up the menu, click and hold on your snow dome for at least three (3) seconds. This will give you options for the snow in your dome, the songs that it plays, who can access the menu, and the ability to resize the whole snow dome.

  • MadPea Tic Tac Snow Game : Whittle away the hours with your friends playing Tic Tac Snow! You will need two players to play. Rez out your tic tac toe game board. The first player to click the board will play as snowmen. The second will play as the reindeer. Once both players have joined the game, you will be told who gets to go first. Follow the instructions in local as you play, and don’t take too long between moves or you may lose your turn! The first player to get three in a row, wins! Land impact is 6.

  • MadPea Christmas Trivia : The MadPea Christmas Trivia is a rezzable, playable game for you and your friends to have some jolly fun!

    To start a game of Christmas trivia, rezz the board (5 LI) onto the ground and click it. The first round will begin and the questions will be asked in local. To answer the question, simply say it in local within chat range of the board. If you are correct, the board will tell you so, and will give you a point. If you are incorrect the board will not respond. Once the correct answer is given the board will continue with the next question automatically. Or, if no correct answer is said after a period of time, the board will advance to the next question. At the end of the round the board will tally points and announce totals. To stop the round of trivia, click the board again. The MadPea Christmas Trivia board can be copied.

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