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The Kissing Bridge

What Next - The Kissing Bridge

What Next – The Kissing Bridge : an adorable covered bridge. Texture-changing – 3 options: wood, red+wood or red+white. It includes a regular version and also a snow-top winter version. Also includes unlinked optional decor such as: wooden connecting ramps (sloped or straight) fence, wooden treestump wall sign, lanterns and holiday wreath, Winter versions of the ramp/fences. An additional plain sign and texture is included, so you can customise it.

Land impact: bridge standalone 28LI, winter version 30LI
Optional extras: wooden ramps 2- 5 each depending on winter or non winter versions,
texture-change sign (also a plain one & texture included for you to customise) 1li
holiday wreath 2li, wall lanterns 3li, fences: 1li each

DIMENSIONS: 5 meters wide, 11.5 meters long and 8 meters tall from the bottom of the rocks to the crown, 100% original mesh. COPY/MOD/NO TRANS (scripts no mod)

Available at the Mainstore and on Marketplace

What Next – Twinkly Cone Trees – Full Set : a set of three metal-frame style Twinkly Cone Trees to add some sparkle and class to your holiday decor! They look especially pretty at night, with a subtle twinkling on the lights and sparkle FX on the star.
A static non-animating set is also included.

* Save 40% by buying the full set as opposed to separately
* 4 colours included: silver, gold, blue and pink
* 3 sizes included: large, medium and small
* twinkly and static versions included
* original mesh
* copy /mod (script no mod)
* land impacts: large: 5LI, medium: 4LI, small: 3LI


Available at the Mainstore and on Marketplace

What Next – Winter Iced-Over Pond (Mesh) :

Two versions of the pond are included – each has a little snow edging around it:
– a version with a little hole in the ice in the centre with animated water FX
– a version WITHOUT the hole. Land impact 8 (without hole), 14 (with hole), Original mesh

The pond is scripted with one optional skating animation (touch pond to start animation) and then use the arrow keys to move – this allows multiple avatars to use the pond at once and skate where you want to or use your own skating AO if you prefer. !!! Please note: this is not path-scripted, choreographed-type skating & skates are NOT included !!!

Matching snow texture included

Dimensions 19.06m x 16.59m x 0.01m – fits on 512 parcel and larger

Copy/mod (skate animation & script copy only)

Available at the Mainstore and on Marketplace


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