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Love Sucks GACHA

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love sucks

This collection is available at The Epiphany

There are 14 Common, 1 Rare, 1 VIP, and 1 Exclusive items in this set.

Love Sucks – Fortress of Solitude (15li – includes sits, lights turn on/off)

Love Sucks – Bloody Baseball Bat (wearable w/hold animation)
Love Sucks – Breakup Mix (3li – static decor)
Love Sucks – Broken Wine Glass (1li – static decor)
Love Sucks – Cupid Repellent Spray (wearable, click to spray)
Love Sucks – Destroyed Game Controller (1li – static decor)
Love Sucks – Divorce Cake (3li – decor)
Love Sucks – Empty Tub of Lonely Soul Ice Cream (1li – static decor)
Love Sucks – Ex’s Clothes to be Trashed (2li – static decor)
Love Sucks – Extra Brain (3li – static decor)
Love Sucks – How to Get Revenge 101 (1li – static decor)
Love Sucks – Ripped Memories (8li – add your own photos, click to rip)
Love Sucks – Smashed Makeup (4li – static decor)
Love Sucks – Stabbed in the Heart (1li – static decor)
Love Sucks – Tissues for Issues (2li – static decor)

Epiphany Exclusive:
Love Sucks – Pizza Understands (2li – static decor)

Note: This item is exclusive to the Epiphany event only and will be retired once the event is over. You can use your Epiphany points to purchase the item and it is non-transferable.

Special VIP Reward:
Love Sucks – Smashed Video Games (1li – static decor)

Note: This VIP Reward can only be earned by spending a total of L$1,000 at Love Sucks gacha machine at The Epiphany. This item is non-transferable.




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