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Lun Bubble Bath

Refuge - Lun Bubble Bath

Refuge – Lun Bubble Bath available via Builder’s Box ONLY.


  • Refuge – Lun Bubble Bath Gold, 27Li, copy/mody

  • Refuge – Lun Table Gold, 2Li, copy/mody

Come in 3 colors : original, silver and gold

In the scene :

Refuge – Mali Chair for Equal10

6 Color Options (each color OTHER THAN BLACK comes with a seude like texture and a leather both in the same color.

19 Color options for pillow via HUD.

As of right now, materials are NOT enabled, but they will be in an update coming soon which will be automatically delivered to any purchaser.

9LI – Copy/ Mody

PG version has 21 Animations

Adult version has 25 Interactions

Refuge – Fairytale Mirror

5LI at current size

Animated Sparkle – view here

Available in gold or silver at the Mainstore

Refuge – Spark Lamps

Available at the Mainstore and on Marketplace

3 different colour : Gold, Silver, Black

Each colour includes :

• 3 lamp versions included
• 1 lamp is animated! View how it looks here
• Copy + Mod
• Rods are a separate mesh than the lamp base, so you can adjust the length very easily!



Refuge Mainstore

Refuge Marketplace

Refuge Flickr

Refuge Flickr Group Pool


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