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SPELLBOUND for The World of Magic Event

MADPEA - Spellbound for The World of Magic Event

SPELLBOUND for The World of Magic Event

Madpea – Spellbound Potions Free Gift : whether you are looking to make a love potion, a cure for insomnia, or maybe you’re trying to transform into a dragon, MadPea has you covered with the Spellbound Potion Bottles! These gorgeous glass vials are perfect for any apothecary, potion room, or magical lair, and they are the free gift at the World of Magic Event!

Madpea – Spellbound House Banners : show your pride for your Spellbound house with these stunning and vibrant House Banners! Each gorgeous banner is handcrafted to be a brilliant display of your chosen house, and comes in a set of all four houses -IGNIS, VENTI, TERRA, and AQUA!

Madpea – Spellbound Wands Gacha : MadPea’s Wand Gacha is an awesome way to specialize your look, to make your young magus stand out among the students, to really make your mark.

Madpea – Spellbound Student Robes : Gabriel created Student’s Robes for Spellbound game come in 4 colors and boots included

Madpea – Spellbound Owl Familiars 

Spellbound Trailer

Spellbound GAME info:

“Gather your courage and prepare to confront the evil that lies within the gates of Spellbound Academy. Cast magic spells, search for clues, and solve the mysteries within to bring the darkness to light. Earn new achievements and a variety of fabulous prizes from popular designers.”

Spellbound is a fantastic tale of intrigue, mystery and murder. You as a new student will have to explore, develop your magic and figure out what goes on in the shadows before they swallow you whole. Master the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water to uncover the castle’s terrible secrets. Harness the power of ancient sorcery to discover the truth and bring light into the very heart of darkness.

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