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Drinks Trunk Cabinet

Merak - Drinks Trunk Cabinet

Merak – Drinks Trunk Cabinet

Available at Belle event

This liquor cabinet, which is available in three colors -White, Black and Blue.

Set :

  • Merak – Champagne glasses, 1Li

  • Merak – Whiskey bottle, 1Li

  • Merak – Wine glass types, 1Li

  • Merak – Napkins, 1Li

  • Merak – Champagne Bucket, 1Li


All come together with the cabinet

In the scene :

Merak – Cozy Loveseat : Merak’s inspiration were the colors of Dublin.

Available at the Mainstore

White and Brown version

Singles and Couples animations

Texture change menu on the pillows


Merak – Otoman Coffee Table : multifunctioning coffee table.

Available at the Mainstore

You can use it as your regular coffee table, add your accessories in the tray in the middle, but it also includes seating animations (singles and couples). The package includes the table in 4 patterns

Singles and Couples sitting animations


Merak – Designer’s Belogings

Available at the Mainstore

Set :

  • [Merak] – Designer’s Bag, 2Li, copy/mody

  • [Merak] – Designer’s Notepad, 1Li, copy/mody

  • [Merak] – Designer’s Laptop, 1Li, copy/mody


MERAK Mainstore

MERAK Marketplace

MERAK Flickr

MERAK Flickr Group Pool

MERAK Instagram

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