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Shabby Patio Set

Donut Trucks

APHRODITE - Shabby patio set

Aphrodite – Shabby Patio Set

Available at Sanarae

A little addon perfect for your Donut eating needs

Set :

  • Aphrodite Shabby patio umbrella , 5Li, copy

  • <Aphrodite> Shabby Patio Table , 3Li, copy

  • <Aphrodite> Shabby Patio ComboChair , 2Li, copy

Aphodite – Donut Trucks

Available at Sanarae

With many animations for single or couples.

Make the mix, cook the donuts and add toppings to them, prepare and serve them with a yummy hot coffee and so much more.

14 Solo Vendor Poses, 8 Couple Vendor & Helper poses, 9 Props

Ideal RP!

Comes in two colors pink or blue sold separately – 2 versions: “always open” and “Opening on use”

Gives 3 coffee mugs – Gives 45 types of Donuts!

  • Base Truck 35 Li

  • With all Deco 82 Li





APHRODITE Marketplace





APHRODITE Flickr Group Pool


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