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MadPea Alliance: The Golden Pea Awards HUNT

MADPEA - The Golden Pea Awards

MadPea Alliance: The Golden Pea Awards HUNT


5th – 31st March


It’s the most anticipated event of the year! Roll out the red carpet and prepare for the annual Golden Pea awards. The biggest celebrities will be there and the paparazzi will go crazy. As an employee of Masterson & Co. elite security it is your job to collect the award envelopes from their secure locations and safely transport them to the ceremony. As the cameras roll and the world watches with anticipation, the fate of tonight’s star studded award show is in your hands.

Free and exclusive to MadPea Premium Members.  Every month will be a new hunt introducing top quality designers from the SL Grid.  Success will bring you fabulous prizes and 250 Achievement Points.

Some gifts :

  • Ex Machina – And The Winner is…  , 3Li

  • Serenity Style – Celebrities Backdrop , 19Li

  • Dahlia – VIP Red Carpet and VIP Red Rope Gold and Silver

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