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MADPEA - Spring Hunt 2


We’re excited to announce that this spring MadPea are organizing a huge grid-wide Spring Hunt where you will be searching for animals and shooting photos of them! The more animals you can find, the more prizes you will win!

The grid is full of cute animals who are waking up to the gorgeous spring!


Starting March 20th, the MadPea Spring Hunt will give you a chance to win prizes, meet new friends, explore so many wonderful sims and capture your favorite memories on film!

For Stores :

The hunt will run from March 20th until April 3rd, but the Animals are already available for sale for all store who want to partecipate!!

Read more HERE

You can buy them on Marketplace or at Mad City

Animals are available in Individual or Bundles version :

Individual Animals :

  • Bunnies – last 24 hours once rezzed  (worth 25 points to hunters)

  • Chipmunks – last 24 hours once rezzed (worth 25 points to hunters)

  • Otters – last 24 hours once rezzed (worth 25 points to hunters)

  • Deer – last 48 hours once rezzed (worth 50 points to hunters)

  • Raccoons – last 48 hours once rezzed (worth 50 points to hunters)

  • Seals – last 72 hours once rezzed (worth 75 points to hunters)

Bundles of Animals :

  • Bunny Pack contains all 3 Bunnies

  • Chipmunks contains all 3 Chipmunks

  • Otter Pack contains all 3 Otters

  • Deer Pack contains all 3 Deer

  • Raccoon Pack contains all 3 Raccoons

  • Seal Pack contains all 3 Seals

Special Pack :

  • Baby Bundle contains all 6 baby animals (one of each type)

  • Forest Friends contains all 18 animals

In my photo some gifts for all Hunters :

  • MadPea Flower Balloon Decor : a gorgeous twist on a potted plant, this Flower Balloon Decor is the perfect spring time, or anytime decoration. Land impact is 4, but could increase if the item is resized.

  • MadPea Bird Nest Glass Dome – Large, Medium, Small : add some outdoors to your indoor decoration with these Bird Nest Glass Domes. Each dome covers its own egg filled nest, set on a wooden rounds, and comes in small, medium, and large sizes. Bird Nest Glass Dome – Small – 3li. Bird Nest Glass Dome – Medium – 4li. Bird Nest Glass Dome – Large – 4li. Land impacts may increase if the items are resized.

The MadPea items are 100% original mesh created by the MadPea Productions Team



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