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MADPEA - Spring Hunt 6


Madpea has organized a huge grid-wide Spring Hunt where you will be searching for animals and shooting photos of them! The more animals you can find, the more prizes you will win!

The grid is full of cute animals who are waking up to the gorgeous spring!


MadPea Spring Hunt will give you a chance to win prizes, meet new friends, explore so many wonderful sims and capture your favorite memories on film!

For HuntersSpring Hunt GUIDE

Special cameras and vehicles are available to purchase at GAME START

For Stores : the Animals are available for sale for all store who want to partecipate!!

Read more HERE You can buy them on Marketplace or at Mad City

Some prizes in this pic :

  • MadPea Writer’s Nook – This lovely looking structure is just what every artist needs in their life. Door opens/closes with a click. Land impact is 22, but may increase if you resize the item.

  • MadPea Fluffy Bunny Backpack (wearing) – The Fluffy Bunny Backpack is perfect for anyone who’s looking for that extra cute something to wear around while they are traveling the grid. Resize script is included (click item for menu), but the item can be resized manually, as well.

  • MadPea Tree Swing -Enjoy the warming weather of Spring with our Tree Swing. Hang the swing from anywhere that you please, and have a seat on it. Choose from one of three sit animations and click the swing to start swinging. Click the swing again to make it stop. Land impact is 5, but may increase if the item is resized.

  • MadPea Vintage Water Pump – The Vintage Water Pump is easy to install, click to raise the handle, and click to push it back down for fresh water for your bucket. Land impact is 6, but may increase if item is resized.

  • MadPea Wooden Flower Box – These painted blooms and bees are cut from wood and pieced together to be an ever lasting floral decoration, perfect for pollen sufferers or anyone who loves built-by-hand creations. Land impact is 3, but may increase if you resize the item.

  • MadPea Tulip Dining Set -Prepare for a wonderful garden dinner party with our Tulip Dining Set. The set includes wine glasses, table settings, a cloth covered table, with matching chairs, and a vase of gorgeous tulips. Chairs are equipped with single sits and land impacts of all items varies. Rezzed as is, from package, the land impact is a total of 33.

    Tulip Dining Set – Red Wine Glass – 1li
    Tulip Dining Set – White Wine Glass – 1li
    Tulip Dining Set – Tulips – 2li
    Tulip Dining Set – Plate – 2li
    Tulip Dining Set – Chair – 2li
    Tulip Dining Set – Table – 7li

  • MadPea Kickboard – Kickboards are a great way to move around! Just add/wear the color of your choice (bambino blue, mellow lemon, pink lemonade, pistachio), make sure you turn off or detach your AO, and away you go! The Kickboards can be manually resized and adjusted to your avatar’s height. Please note you may need to adjust your hover height for using this item.

  • MadPea Reel Lawnmower – To use, just add/wear the mower of your choice (sky, rose, toffee, or mint colors), make sure your AO is turned off or detached, and ‘ride’ vs walk around the grid! This item is intended to be worn, but if you do choose to rez it, the land impact for each one is 5 and may increase if resized.

  • MadPea Paper Lanterns – Backyard and garden lighting is a must as we spend more evening outdoors enjoying warmer weather, and our Paper Lanterns are a great way to light yours! Coming in four color options (green, pink, yellow, white), all you need to do is rez your lights, and click to turn them on or off. Land impact is 5 each, but may increase if resized.





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