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Swan Kitchen

BLUEWORK - Swam house - kitchen 4

BLUEWORK – Swan Kitchen (Limited edition) Full Mesh

Have full control of your kitchen with all the appliances for you to prepare dishes or just have a drink arroud the table. The kitchen plan is separate in two part which is one for cooking and the other for accommodating your family and friends.

The Swan Kitchen includes:

-Oven (animated door open/close)
-Microwave (animated door open/close and sound cooking)
-Refrigerator (animated door open/close and sound loop on/off)
-Dishwasher (animated door open/close)
-Faucet (animated water flow)
-Hood (Sound on/off)
-stools (4 poses)

(It is a modifiable kitchen so you can remove at your convenience any appliance)
Initial number of copies (Limited edition) – 500.
Land impact – 65.
CasperTech Rezz2 v1.12.

To have all the lights rendered properly in your house you MUST activate the option Advanced Lighting Mode in your viewer —– Preferences/ Graphics/ General (Picture MP album)

Available at the Mainstore where you can try and see this beautiful kitchen and also on Marketplace

Some pics :

BLUEWORK - Swam kitchen 2

BLUEWORK - Swam kitchen 3

BLUEWORK - Swam house - kitchen






BLUEWORK  Mainstore

BLUEWORK  Marketplace

BLUEWORK Instagram




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