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Swan House

BLUEWORK - Swan House

BLUEWORK – Swan House (Limited edition) Full Mesh

Built in order to let the natural light pass from one side through the other side of the house, you could make this place your forever home. Inspired from a modern and bright design culture, Bluework put all his effort to optimize the place for your comfort living.

The Swan house includes:

-HUD system to control the color of interior walls and the exterior wall of the house.
-No add-ons, every room is part of the package.
-Scripted doors for animation.
-Scripted lights with the ability to control the emission color.
-Animated water for the pool, jacuzzi and water fall.

Info:  Initial number of copies (Limited edition) – 500.
No furnitures included.
Land impact – 402
Footprint : 1920m2
CasperTech Rezz2 v1.12

To have all the lights rendered properly in your house you MUST activate the option Advanced Lighting Mode in your viewer —– Preferences/ Graphics/ General (Picture MP album)

Available at the Mainstore where you can try and see this beautiful house.

COPY VERSION  also on Marketplace

COPY/MODY VERSION also on Marketplace

Some pics :

BLUEWORK - Swam house - Bedroom

BLUEWORK - Swam house - Entry

BLUEWORK - Swam house - kitchen

BLUEWORK - Swam house - Bathroom

BLUEWORK - Swam house - outdoor


BLUEWORK  Mainstore

BLUEWORK  Marketplace

BLUEWORK Instagram




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