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MADPEA Productions

Easter Dining Set

MADPEA - Easter Dining Set

MADPEA – Easter Dining Set 

Available at the Belle Event

Enjoy your Easter celebrations around this Easter Dining set. With rabbits and egg for table top decorations, and seating for at least four, your family and friends will enjoy the little touches as much as the conversation had around the table.

When rezzed as is from package, the land impact is 22.

Set includes:
Easter Dining Basket of Eggs Decor – 1li
Easter Dining Burlap Runner – 1li
Easter Dining Chair – 2li
Easter Dining Rabbit w/Pot Decor – 1li
Easter Dining Place Setting – 2li
Easter Dining Rabbit Decor – 1li
Easter Dining Salt & Pepper Shakers – 1li
Easter Dining Table – 1li

Resizing any of these items may increase their land impacts. Please note that resizing items with avatar animations, will require manual adjustment of the animations.

The MadPea Easter Dining Set is 100% original mesh created by the MadPea Productions Team



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