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Cinderella Buffet

APHRODITE - Cinderella Buffet

APHRODITE – Cinderella Buffet available at Fantasy Fair

Original mesh, very low LI, fully animated with auto attach for foods & drinks and decos included. Copy & partially mod. Includes the sign for you to make your own.

Set :

  • Aphrodite Cinderella Buffet Table – 10Li

  • Aphrodite Cinderella Balloon – 1Li

  • Aphrodite Cinderella Carriage Cake – 3Li

  • Aphrodite Cinderella Dress Cake – 4Li

  • Aphrodite Cinderella Tartlet/Sandwich Platter – 11Li

  • Aphrodite Macaroon Tower – 1Li

  • Aphrodite Princess Cookie Platter – 6Li

  • Aphrodite Cinderella Heart Donuts – 3Li

  • Aphrodite Cinderella Lollies Platter – 7Li

  • Aphrodite Cinderella Coach Cookies Platter – 3Li

  • Aphrodite Cinderella Cheesemouse platter – 3Li

  • Aphrodite Cinderella Flower Muffin Giver – 2Li

  • Aphrodite Cinderella Milkshakes Dispenser – 2Li

  • Aphrodite Cinderella Light Small – 2Li

  • Aphrodite Macaroon Carriage – 1Li





APHRODITE Marketplace





APHRODITE Flickr Group Pool


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