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Silver Moon – MadPea Story Quest – PRIZES

MADPEA - Silver Moon Prizes

MADPEA – Silver Moon – MadPea Story Quest – PRIZES

Adventure Game!!! START

In 1874 a desperate telegraph was sent with a plea for help. A dear friend is in danger, her strange message is full of vague references to a strange an unusual creature, a failed romance and the shadows reaching out to drag her into the darkness!

She is calling on you for help! Solve the Mystery in time to save the lovely Marie’s life, or live forever with the sorrow and in the shadow of true evil!


A nostalgic looking bit of decor, the Chest of Letters is a nice addition to any study.

Have a seat on this Chest Cart and ponder what could be hidden inside. Jewels? Gold? Long lost letters? One may never know…Seats one avatar with multiple sit options.

  • MadPea Case of Letters – 2Li

  • MadPea Chest Cart – 12Li

The MadPea Case of Letters and the Chest Cart are 100% original mesh created by the MadPea Productions Team


Walk around in some of these locations :

A train is waiting for you to start for this adventure!!!

MADPEA -Silver Moon 1_001

MADPEA -Silver Moon 2_001

MADPEA -Silver Moon 3_001

MADPEA -Silver Moon 4_001

How will your adventure end?

Two finals await you!!! START here and buy HUD, only 300L!!!




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