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Seaclose Floating Deck

What Next - Seaclose Floating Deck

What Next – Seaclose Floating Deck available at the Mainstore

The Seaclose Floating Deck designed as an add-on for the LL Bellisseria houseboats, but would work well elsewhere but has to used on sim water (real LL water)

4 colours included to complement the houseboats – bleached, cedar, white or gray wood.

The deck is scripted with Bento animations for 1-4 avatars (or one couple), sitting on deck, water/pool animations – a fifth avatar can used the diving board, with multiple dive animations!

Rezzed using a rezzer with menu, so you can rez the full set or pieces you choose. You can reposition after rezzing. Includes long and short stairs, a wooden ladder (decor only), rope railings with little optional lights and a diving board.

Land impact: deck by itself with pool ladder: 13li

All other pieces are 1 or 2 li each.

Optional walkway piece inlcuded, as well as rope railing pieces.




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