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Rainbow Hot Air Balloon – GROUP GIFT

MADPEA - Rainbow Hot Air Balloon

MADPEA – Rainbow Hot Air Balloon – GROUP GIFT – available at the Mainstore

MadPea has something extra special out for the Peas this Pride, a Rainbow Hot Air Balloon! Dance through the clouds with the greatest of ease and show off your beautiful rainbow balloon as you soar over the patterned landscapes of the SL-verse!

Don’t just fly around the grid, float in this Rainbow Hot Air Balloon!

To use, add/wear the balloon, turn off or remove your AO, and choose to fly how you normally would.

If for some reason you choose to rez this item, the land impact is 100 and very well may increase if you resize it.

To get your awesome rainbow ride through the skies, head to the group gift area in Mad City and slap on your group tag!

The MadPea Rainbow Hot Air Balloon is 100% original mesh created by the MadPea Productions Team




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