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APHRODITE - The BBQ and The FUN- Donut

APHRODITE – The BBQ – Donut available at the Mainstore

This set is made for a 1 BBQing person, and up to 7 guests 1 of wich can plan a Guitar

Texture changer : 6 colors – orange, pink, yellow, black, blue and green

Press the grill and choose from the menu what to BBQ
After 90 seconds the food will look cooked, but not yet ready, wait 90 seconds more till the BBQ announces , press the placemat and the cooked food will appear there. .

PROPS: Some poses rezzes additional props.

APHRODITE – The FUN – Donut available at the Mainstore

The perfect place for up to 8 friends on a beach!

This floater sits all 8… And keeps then cooled with a sun roof and an endles supplies of ice-cold drinks (Soda, Cocktails, Coconut)., whilst gently moving in the waves.

11 poses / 6 props for each sitter. drinks, salad and guitars are available for all.

You get 2 versions. 1 static,1 with limited wave simulation.

Two notes:

A) This is NOT a moving vehicle, though one of the 2 versions you get simulates some waves. The Motor was present on our inspiration foe the design, so we kept it.

B) THIS version of the floater reads “Fun-Donut”.. the BBQ-version is available separately and a bit more script heavy.







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