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APHRODITE - Homecoming Wardrobe Set

APHRODITE – Homecoming Wardrobe Set available in exclusive at Sanarae 

An original mesh, low prim, walk in wardrobe, with so many options.

You may copy pieces and replicate them as you need or wish to completely fill up any room of your house, small as a house entrance, or big room for your dreamy wardrobe.

Full of high quality animations, different on each wardrobe piece or in the included single/couples chairs.

Two color version : light or dark wood

PG or ADULTS version

Working mirrors, openable doors, many hanged clothes included or fill the cabinets with your own favorite shoes or bags or hanged clothes as well to decorate it extra!

Set :

  • <Heart Homes> “Homecoming” Wardrobe A – Clothes – 11Li

  • <Heart Homes> “Homecoming” Wardrobe A – No Clothes – 9Li

  • <Heart Homes> “Homecoming” Wardrobe B – Clothes – 7Li

  • <Heart Homes> “Homecoming” Wardrobe B – No Clothes – 6Li

  • <Heart Homes> “Homecoming” Wardrobe C Clothes – 15Li

  • <Heart Homes> “Homecoming” Wardrobe C – No Clothes – 10Li

  • <Heart Homes> “Homecoming” Wardrobe Corner – Clothes – 7Li

  • <Heart Homes> “Homecoming” Wardrobe Corner – No Clothes – 6Li

  • <Heart Homes> “Homecoming” Chair ADULT 1.1 – 2Li

In the scene :

APHRODITE – HEART HOMES – Spring Joy Bed available at the Mainstore and on Marketplace

A gorgeous oversized bed, to cuddle and dream on

Based on a metal frame, and decorated with a lightchain, this bed revels on gorgeous detail.

Set :

  • <Heart Homes> Spring Joy Nightstand A – 11Li

  • <Heart Homes> Spring Joy Nightstand B – 6Li

  • <Heart Homes> Spring Joy Bed – 31Li

  • <Heart Homes> Spring Joy Bed Bench – 4Li

  • <Heart Homes> Spring Joy Mirror (deco) – 5Li

  • <Heart Homes> Spring Joy CLovk (deco) – 3Li

The blanket actually covers your avatars on the sleep poses,

3 fabric schemes


6 Solo
14 Couple

Couple PG: 60
Props: 10

Pg version






APHRODITE Marketplace





APHRODITE Flickr Group Pool


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