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MadPea Pet Friends Fair

MadPea Pet Friends Fair - KraftWork - Agility Set

MadPea Pet Friends Fair – KraftWork – Agility Set

Available at MadPea Pet Friends Fair

The Agility Set will have you cute and cuddly pet friends bouncing and panting in joy!

Set :

  • KraftWork Agility Set Track – 34Li

  • KraftWork Agility Set Tunnel – 4Li

  • KraftWork Agility Set See Saw – 1Li

  • KraftWork Agility Set Cat Walk – 5Li

  • KraftWork Agility Set Tyre Hoop – 3Li

  • KraftWork Agility Set Jump 1 – 1Li

  • KraftWork Agility Set Jump 2 – 1Li

  • KraftWork Agility Set Weaving Poles – 2Li

  • KraftWork Agility Set Over and Under – 2Li

MadPea Pet Friends Fair

MadPea is hosting a Pet Friends Fair for all of us that cherish our furry, feathered, fancy, freaky, and finned pet friends.

The MadPea Pet Friends Fair runs from June 30th till July 20th.

There are five amazing companies who have partnered with MadPea to bring you this event, Wilds of Organica, T|L|C, VKC, Teegle Pets, and Alchemy/Birdy.


MadPea Pet Friends Fair Landmark

MadPea Pet Friends Fair Shopping Guide



MadPea WebSite

MadPea Flickr

MadPea Flickr Group Pool

MadPea Facebook

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