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The Haunting of Jessica’s Dollhouse – GACHA with HUNT

MADPEA - The Haunting of Jessica's Dollhouse

MADPEA – The Haunting of Jessica’s Dollhouse – GACHA available at The Epiphany

Brace yourselves for a new and thrilling adventure because MadPea’s The Haunting of Jessica’s Dollhouse will be available at the Epiphany event July 15th!

Can you solve the mystery of the Haunting of Jessica’s Dollhouse? When items of dolls house furniture starts to arrive in the post, a horrible secret will be revealed!

Solve the mystery and win a fabulous prize, as well as MadPea Achievement Points!


There are 15 Common, 1 Rare, 1 VIP, and 1 Exclusive items in this set.

This set includes a mystery with an achievement and extra prize.

Jessica’s Dollhouse – House (8li each – game and decor versions)

Jessica’s Dollhouse – Bath (2li)
Jessica’s Dollhouse – Bookshelf & Clock (2li)
Jessica’s Dollhouse – Ceiling Lamp (1li)
Jessica’s Dollhouse – Child Doll (1li)
Jessica’s Dollhouse – Father Doll (1li)
Jessica’s Dollhouse – Floor Lamp (1li)
Jessica’s Dollhouse – Jessica’s Room (3li)
Jessica’s Dollhouse – Kitchen (4li)
Jessica’s Dollhouse – Living Room (2li)
Jessica’s Dollhouse – Mother Doll (1li)
Jessica’s Dollhouse – Play Chest (2li)
Jessica’s Dollhouse – Queen Bed (3li)
Jessica’s Dollhouse – Table & Chairs (3li)
Jessica’s Dollhouse – Toilet & Sink (1li)
Jessica’s Dollhouse – Wardrobe & Vanity (3li)

Epiphany Exclusive:
Jessica’s Dollhouse – Spooky Living Room Set (1-2li each sheet covered sofa, coffee table, grandfather clock, armchair)

Note: This item is exclusive to the Epiphany event only and will be retired once the event is over. You can use your Epiphany points to purchase the item and it is non-transferable.

Special VIP Reward:
Jessica’s Dollhouse – Toy Chest (1li)

Note: This VIP Reward can only be earned by spending a total of L$1,000 at our Jessica’s Dollhouse gacha machine at The Epiphany. This item is non-transferable.

Using your Dollhouse Set: Each item in this set includes a menu with options for how to use them. In order to play through the game you will need to activate the items, and the house menu will let you know if you are missing anything needed to complete your task.

All Haunting of Jessica’s Dollhouse gacha items were created by MadPea Productions Team




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