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Suite Room N9

MINIMAL - Suite Room N9 - 1

MINIMAL –  Suite Room N9 available in exclusive at Equal10

MINIMAL presents Suite Room nº9 , a big luxury semifurnished room (no modify) with huge balcony, Jacuzzi (with 50 animations) and a complete bathroom with a special shower (with 59 animations).

Also, FATPACK version is available; including MINIMAL – King Size Bed (adult version includes 107 animations) in 4 colors (HUD).

This suite is copy, no modify and no transfer (you have resize permissions) and it’s 42 Li.

Some pics :

Jacuzzi with 50 animations

MINIMAL - Suite Room N9 - 2

King Size Bed in 4 colors with HUD(white, black&white, camel&white or pink&white) and you have 2 versions to choose:

  • Adult Version (with animations) includes 107 animations

  • PG Version (with animations).

MINIMAL - Suite Room N9 - 3

Complete bathroom with a special shower (with 59 animations)

MINIMAL - Suite Room N9 - 4

Huge balcony

MINIMAL - Suite Room N9 - 6

MINIMAL - Suite Room N9 - 5





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