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007 Suite Skybox

MINIMAL - 007 Suite Skybox - Livingroom

MINIMAL – 007 Suite Skybox available at Equal10

The skybox is semi-furnished with 4 Rooms :

Living Room


MINIMAL - 007 Suite Skybox - Bathroom


MINIMAL - 007 Suite Skybox - Bedroom

Dressing Room

MINIMAL - 007 Suite Skybox - Clothes Room

and a big corridor

MINIMAL - 007 Suite Skybox - Lobby

It include 75 animations (Solo,couples,adult) in the main couch. Also there is scripts on doors to feel like a real agent and really cool sound in the main one.

There is also a decoration set to complete the skybox.

The Deco set include 2 different packs.

  • Really confortable bed with PG/Adult Animations.

PG : 51 Animations.

ADULT : 115 Animations.

  • The Armchair Pack with the armchair, footrest and the 007 wall frame.

MINIMAL - 007 Suite Skybox - Armchair









MINIMAL Mainstore

MINIMAL Marketplace


MINIMAL Flickr Group Pool

MINIMAL Instagram


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