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Splasher Crashers

MADPEA - Splasher Crashers

MADPEA – Splasher Crashers available at ManCave

Splasher Crashers are full functional bumper boats with mounted water cannons, so you can battle it out with your friends!

Grab a group of friends, and get ready to play!

  • Boat rezzer is rezzed  (Players click the rezzer to rez out a boat)
  • 5 color combinations (blue & white, red & white, red & blue, yellow & green, or pink & purple)
  • Life Bar above you! (This meter will go down if you are hit, or if you run into other things. Even if you are on your own, you do not want to run into anything that could sink your boat. Once your life bar is empty, your boat will sink and de-rez)
  • Land impact of the rezzer is 1
  • Individual boats are a land impact of 18.

The MadPea Splasher Crashers is 100% original mesh created by the MadPea Productions Team


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