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Toaster – MadPea Premium Group Gift

MADPEA - Toaster

MADPEA – Toaster – MadPea Premium Group Gift available at MadCity

Breakfast just got better with this amazing interactive Toaster!

This toaster comes with multiple colors AND multiple toast options!

Click on the knob on the side of your toaster to bring up the owner menu. From here you will have a choice to make the toaster unlocked for others to use, or to change the toaster’s color. There are seven color options: black, blue, green, metal, pink, red, and white.

To use, click on the plated bread. This will load up your toaster. Click the lever on the side of the toaster to activate, and you will get a menu of toast options. Choose one of the seven shown, or ‘random’ and your toast will cook with that image on it. Once your toast pops back up, click it to receive a copy, and accept it to your inventory. If you so choose, you can add/wear the toast and it will animate your avatar eating the toast.

Land impact of the hand held toast is 1 and the toaster is 6.

The MadPea Toaster is 100% original mesh created by the MadPea Productions Team





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