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TLC - Cormorant

│T│L│C│- TLC Cormorants available at the Mainstore and on Marketplace

These photorealistic cormorants are a 100% mesh item.

The head is animated, with the advantage that it will cause practically zero lag and will not be excluded due to the covenants that exist on some homesteads with regards to animals.

In the box :

  • TLC Cormorants linked to tree stumps – 4Li

  • TLC Cormorant standing – 1Li

  • TLC Cormorant Drying Wings – 2Li


There is also another version with pond :

│T│L│C│ Backyard swamp – scenery with animated mesh animals, Pond, mesh landscaping available at the Mainstore and on Marketplace

Animated scenery features animated cormorants, turtle, and fish.

It is a 100% mesh item with a 26 prim land impact.

The pond/swamp comes with mesh landscaping and 2 kind of ambient sounds with volume control.

The cormorants come in 2 versions, one with opened /drying wings, which makes for a nice effect. The head is animated.


Pic Taken at Cherishville





|T|L|C| Mainstore

|T|L|C| Marketplace

|T|L|C| Flickr

|T|L|C| Flickr Group Pool



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