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Mad Summer ’19 Fishing Tournament! –

 – Fishing Boat

 – Fish Fountain

 – Fish Bowl 

 – Dock & Deck Chair


MADPEA - Fourth Prize Unlock

MADPEA – Mad Summer ’19 Fishing Tournament!

Fishing Boat – Fish Fountain – Fish Bowl – Dock & Deck Chair – PRIZE UNLOCKED!

Love the Fishing Stations and wish you could bring them home for good? Well, MadPea heard you and You Can! Enjoy the memories, beauty and fun animations of the MadPea Decor Stations in the comfort of your own home, business or club!

  • MADPEA – Fishing Boat

There is no worries of getting lost at sea with this Fishing Boat, but it makes a great place to sit chat with friends or cuddle with that someone special.

This static boat sits up to 5 avatars and includes singles and couples sit options.

Land impact is 48, but may increase if you resize the item.

  • MADPEA – Fish Fountain

Have a seat at our Fish Fountain with a friend or two, and listen to the gentle sounds of the water’s flow while chatting away.

Fountain sits up to three avatars at a time, and includes both single and couple sit options.

Land impact is 23, but may increase if you resize the item.

  • MADPEA – Fish Bowl

Do you have a hard time keeping your pet fish alive for longer than a few days? Then our Fish Bowl is just the thing for you! No water to clean and no feeding required. Just sit and watch this little guy swim and enjoy his cozy bowl!

Land impact is 5, but may increase if you resize the item.

  • MADPEA – Dock & Deck Chair

Enjoy the view of the open water, or your own personal pond, with our Dock & Deck Chair set.

This item comes with a deck chair that sits up to two avatars, and a regular and faded version of the dock.

Land impact of each dock is 9, and the chair is 4. Land impacts may increase if items are resized.

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Mad Summer ’19 Fishing Tournament that will last TWO WHOLE MONTHS! (from July 15th to September 15th)


Beautiful Second Life locations will be filled with places where you can fish. You’ll be using our radar HUD to find those and GO FISH! Not only will you catch fish that will give you points, but you’ll also earn instant prizes and are working together for a big collective goal to reveal brand new exclusive prizes. Leaderboard will play a big role as there’ll be big cash rewards for top fishers!


There are different types of fishing gear!


Fisherman’s Hats Gacha – Keep your head safe from the sun and look cool!


And Great Summer Outfits!!!


For owner of location :

The Fishing Stations are available for sale. If you own land, a store, a club or a sim and you are willing to open it up to the public then all you have to do is head on down to the Mad City Beach  or make your way to Marketplace, buy your Fishing Stations, hide them and watch as fishers come running!








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