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Roaming Robot Vacuum for Happy Weekend

MADPEA - Roaming Robot Vacuum

MADPEA – Roaming Robot Vacuum available at the MadPea Mainstore

Happy Weekend coming up and MadPea is Happy to present another amazing offering at only 60L from 10am Saturday through Sunday(SLT)!

MadPea Roaming Robot Vacuum

Set :

  • MadPea Roaming Robot Vacuum – Black – 2Li

  • MadPea Roaming Robot Vacuum – Pink – 2Li

  • MadPea Roaming Robot Vacuum – Mint – 2Li

Modernize your spring cleaning with our Roaming Robot Vacuum!

To use, just rez your color of choice (black, mint, or pink) and click to bring up the menu. From the menu you can choose a radius for it to move around, mute the sound, set its home position, and start or stop your vacuum.

The MadPea Roaming Robot Vacuum is 100% original mesh created by the MadPea Productions Team



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