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Mad Summer ’19 Fishing Tournament! – Houseboat – Final PRIZE UNLOCKED!

MADPEA - Houseboat

MADPEA – Houseboat  available at the MadPea Beach

The Final Prize has been Unlocked!

All of your fishing has paid off! You can take them using your MadPoints!

Enjoy the peace and tranquility of living on the water in perfect comfort with the MadPea Houseboat! The simple nautical beauty of this floating home will sooth your spirits as the gentle waves that lap against its hull wash away your cares!

Just check out this video to see the gorgeous MadPea Houseboat for yourself!

Set up your living quarters on the water with the Houseboat! Front and rear doors can be opened on click or just by walking into them. You can set up patio furniture or a hot tub on the roof and enjoy the view around you, and there is plenty of room for a cozy living space inside.

There are steps off the back and a separate gangway is included for use off the side, for entrance from the nearest dock.

Owner can click and hold on the door to bring up a menu with options for door access and auto close settings.

Land impact of the boat is 169, and the gangway is 2. Resizing either item may increase their land impacts.

The MadPea Houseboat is 100% original mesh created by the MadPea Productions Team


The last day for peas to earn MadPoints from fishing is the 15th. After then, all of the unlocked prizes will be available in the main store and on Marketplace.




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