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Interactive Apple Tree – MadPea Premium Group Gift

MADPEA - Interactive Apple Tree

MADPEA – Interactive Apple Tree – MadPea Premium Group Gift available at MadCity

This month’s Premium exclusive gift is an interactive Apple Tree. Water it carefully and often enough and you’ll have apples forever!


To use, rez your tree where you’d like to plant it, and click for the menu.

Click on ‘Plant Here’ to start the growth process of your apple tree.

Your tree will need to be watered every 24 hours, and you will receive messages from your tree when it is time to water it again.

Once your tree is fully grown, ripened apples will start to fall from the tree. These apples can then be clicked on to ‘pick up’ and enjoy by not only the owner, but any passerby. Picked up apples are temp attached for 90 seconds.

Land impact of the fully grown tree is 16. Falling apples are temp rez with a land impact of 1 each.

The MadPea Interactive Apple Tree is 100% original mesh created by the MadPea Productions Team



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