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MudHoney - Victoria GACHA

MudHoney – Victoria GACHA available at The Arcade

Set 1 Rare and 7 commons:

  • MudHoney Victoria Console RARE – 7Li

  • MudHoney Victoria Candles – 3Li

  • MudHoney Victoria Portrait1 – 1Li

  • MudHoney Victoria Portrait2 – 1Li

  • MudHoney Victoria Portrait3 – 1Li

  • MudHoney Victoria Butterfly Plaque – 1Li

  • MudHoney Victoria Spider Plaque – 1Li

  • MudHoney Victoria Beetle Plaque – 1Li

Candles touch to turn light on/off

In the scene :

MudHoney – Tula Chandeliers available at the Mainstore

In this package:
Tula Chandeliers – 6 colors
touch to turn light on/off
comes with extra chain

MudHoney – Clara Settee available at the Mainstore

  • MudHoney Clara Settee – 10Li

Texture change: 16 fabrics, 5 woods

Animations : 18 single animations (split up between 2 sitters), 21 PG couple’s animations




MudHoney Mainstore

MudHoney Marketplace

MudHoney Blog

MudHoney Flickr

MudHoney Flickr Group Pool

MudHoney Facebook


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