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Balloon Popper Vendor

MADPEA - Balloon Popper

MADPEA – Balloon Popper Vendor available at Cosmopolitan

Now you can have your very own Balloon Popper game to play at home or on your sim/parcel/in a store for visitors/customers to enjoy.

It’s up to you if you want to give your own prizes out to players, so you have what you need to set that up if you choose.

Would you like to use the Prize Server and/or charge players to play to win prizes?

Rez the Game Booth

Rez the Prize Server

Add single object items to the Prize Server’s contents

Playing the game:

Click the Start button on the player side of the game booth. You will be prompted allow two items to be attached and animate your avatar. Once you have granted permissions, a dart will rez on the booth. Click/Sit on the dart to start the game. You will need to go into mouselook to aim and click to throw the darts, trying to get as many as you can before the game ends. Once the game has ended, you will be unseated from the game booth, allowing for a new player to start, or for you to try again.

Land impact of Game Booth is 21 and the prize server is only 1.

OPTIONAL : there is a display easel to show your prize options included, and a full perm version of the poster is included in the notecard for you to edit/add your prize photos to.

The display has a land impact of 4.

The MadPea Balloon Popper Game is 100% original mesh created by the MadPea Productions Team



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