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Dubious Demises – Social Game

MADPEA - Dubious Demises

MADPEA – Dubious Demises – Social Game available at ACCESS event

Gather your friends for a game to the death! Or at least a game about some pretty crazy deaths….Dubious Demises!

Dubious Demises is a Fact or Fiction trivia-style game about interesting ways people may or may not have died.

To play, click the game board. This activates the game, and lets everyone know in local chat that they have 30 seconds to join the game. Players can join the game by clicking the board, including the person who initiated the game.

Once the game starts, Scoring Skulls will be rezzed over each player and the round of questions will begin. Questions will be asked in local and players must answer Fact or Fiction. The first person to answer correctly will be given a point, and the next question will then be asked. There are 10 total questions asked in a game and the winner is whomever scores the highest at the end of those 10 rounds.

After a winner is declared, the Scoring Skulls are derezzed and a poof of skulls will rise from the game.

Land impact is 5.

The MadPea Dubious Demises is 100% original mesh created by the MadPea Productions Team



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