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Area 52 GACHA

MADPEA - Area 52

MADPEA – Area 52 GACHA available at Epiphany

Area 51 has been hailed for years as the epicenter of Alien research and containment. Many believe that extraterrestrials have been studied and experimented on in the deep bowels of underground military base. You know they are mistaken and the Real Deal is Area 52.

Receiving several packages in the morning mail, from a colleague who it seems might have annoyed some people with influence convinces you to get on the road. You are determined to find your friend and figure out, once and for all, if there is life out there.

Check out this amazing video to see what’s involved:  VIDEO


This set includes a mini game with achievements.

It is up to you to find which items you need to complete the tasks at hand!

Set with 20 Common, 2 Rare, 1 VIP, and 1 Exclusive items .

Area 52 – Alien Hunter’s Trailer (53li – seats two avatars)
Area 52 – Remote Controlled Drone (3li – includes drone & remote)

Area 52 – Alien Artifact 1 (6li – playable)
Area 52 – Alien Artifact 2 (2li – clickable)
Area 52 – Alien Artifact 3 (6li – clickable)
Area 52 – Alien Crate 1 (1li – static decor)
Area 52 – Alien Crate 2 (1li – static decor)
Area 52 – Alien Hunter’s Geiger Counter (wearable)
Area 52 – Alien Skull 1 (1li – static decor)
Area 52 – Alien Skull 2 (1li – static decor)
Area 52 – Alien Toy Gun – Black (wearable – mouselook & click to shoot)
Area 52 – Alien Toy Gun – Purple (wearable – mouselook & click to shoot)
Area 52 – Black Light (wearable)
Area 52 – Ham Radio (3li – clickable)
Area 52 – Hanging Tent (11li – seats two avatars)
Area 52 – Investigation Board (4li – static decor)
Area 52 – No Trespassing Sign (2li – static decor)
Area 52 – Strange Disc (1li – clickable)
Area 52 – Strange Disc Player (1li – clickable)
Area 52 – Tinfoil Hat (wearable w/resizer)
Area 52 – USB Stick (1li – clickable)
Area 52 – Warning Sign (3li – static decor)

Epiphany Exclusive:
Area 52 – Alien Head Sign (2li)

Note: This item is exclusive to the Epiphany event only and will be retired once the event is over. You can use your Epiphany points to purchase the item and it is non-transferable.

Special VIP Reward:
Area 52 – Alien Kitty Lamp (1li – click for on/off & texture menu)

Note: This VIP Reward can only be earned by spending a total of L$1,000 at our Area 52 gacha machine. This item is non-transferable.

All Area 52 gacha items were created by MadPea Productions Team





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