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Ghost Catchers GACHA

MADPEA - Ghost Catchers GACHA

MADPEA – Ghost Catchers GACHA available at 6°Republic

Exclusively for the November 2019 round of 6°Republic.

There are 29 Common and 2 Rare items in this set.

Ghost Catchers – Firehouse (182li – click to open/close doors)
Ghost Catchers – Mad 1 (51li – seats 3 – prop only)

Ghost Catchers – Bulletin Board (5li)
Ghost Catchers – Chair – Blue (2li – seats 1)
Ghost Catchers – Chair – Yellow (2li – seats 1)
Ghost Catchers – Chair – Yellow (2li – seats 1)
Ghost Catchers – Dial Phone (2li)
Ghost Catchers – Ecto Goggles – Black (wearable)
Ghost Catchers – Ecto Goggles – Yellow (wearable)
Ghost Catchers – Eeny Ghost (2li)
Ghost Catchers – File Cabinet (6li)
Ghost Catchers – Fire Hydrant (4li)
Ghost Catchers – Ghost Radar (wearable)
Ghost Catchers – Ghost Trap (4li – click to open/close)
Ghost Catchers – Man Hole (2li)
Ghost Catchers – Meeny Ghost (2li)
Ghost Catchers – Miny Ghost (2li)
Ghost Catchers – Moe Ghost (2li)
Ghost Catchers – Office Chair (6li – seats 1)
Ghost Catchers – Office Desk (5li)
Ghost Catchers – Plasma Gun – Black (wearable)
Ghost Catchers – Plasma Gun – Yellow (wearable)
Ghost Catchers – Proton Pack – Black (wearable)
Ghost Catchers – Proton Pack – Yellow (wearable)
Ghost Catchers – Sign (3li)
Ghost Catchers – Table (4li)
Ghost Catchers – Table Lamp (2li – click on/off)
Ghost Catchers – Trash (3li)
Ghost Catchers – Wall Alarm (2li – click on light & alarm)
Ghost Catchers – Wall Containment Unit (4li)
Ghost Catchers – Wooden Storage Locker (11li – click to open/close doors)

Using your Plasma Gun w/ & w/o Ghosts: Add/wear your plasma gun. Click and hold anywhere to shoot the gun in the direction your avatar is facing. The long you hold your click, the longer you shoot a plasma ray.

When using with the ghosts, you need to be in mouselook and aim at the ghost you are wanting to destroy. Click and hold while in mouselook on the ghost you are aiming at, and watch it be obliterated! Ghosts will come back after a brief moment.

Using your Wall Containment Unit: Click the lever on your Containment Unit to toggle through four different modes:

Normal: Lights fluctuate between green and red, randomly.
Green: Green light remains on at all times.
Red: Red ‘alarm’ light stays on at all times.
Off: Both lights remain off.

There is no sound with this item, and the needles on the front gauges do move between red and green, unless the unit is turned off.

All Ghost Catcher gacha items were created by MadPea Productions Team

MadPea City Traffic Light available at 6°Republic

Help traffic to flow nice and smooth with our City Traffic Light!

Click on the Traffic Control box to bring up the menu. You can choose from Red, Green, or Alternate. Red will keep the traffic light on red, Green on green, and Alternate will run it with a traffic flow to switch from green to yellow, then red.

Land impact is 15, but may increase if you resize the item.

The MadPea City Traffic Light is 100% original mesh created by the MadPea Productions Team






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