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MudHoney - Rosebud Bedroom

MudHoney – MudHoney Rosebud Bedroom available at 6°REPUBLIC

Theme: TV shows vs Movies
*My theme: TV shows (Schitt’s Creek)

In this package:

Rosebud Bedroom pieces

  • MH Rosebud Bed – 15Li texture change

  • MH Rosebud Dresser – 4Li – texture change

  • MH Rosebud Nighstand – 2Li – texture change

  • MH Rosebud Lamp – 2Li – texture change | light turns on/off

  • Art (3) – 1Li each – the 2 smaller pieces will be available the second week (Nov 12)

  • MH Rosebud Coasters – 1Li

  • MH Rosebud Room Key – 1Li

PG and Adult versions


MudHoney Classic Wall Panels available at the Mainstore 

In this package:

MudHoney Classic Wall Panels
– Corner out L
– Corner out R
– Corner out Wide
– Corner Skinny
– Corner Wide
– Pillar
– Skinny
– Skinny No sides
– Wide
– Wide No sides
– U Skinny
– U Wide
– Texture change HUD

To change textures
– Decorate
– Wear or Rez HUD
– Click color you like
– Optional: Click ‘Finish’ to remove scripts. You will need to put out new pieces if you remove the texture change scripts and want to change the color.

1/2Li each




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