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APHRODITE - Celebration Cakes GACHA

APHRODITE – Celebration Cakes GACHA available at Sense Event

A cake for almost each special occasion!

Rezzday, birthday, marry me, engagement, vows renewal, baby showers, Easter, Valentines day and more.

Get them all at gacha price. They are fully animated, resizable and not linked to the plate, so you may choose your favourite platter and even texture changer it! (Gold, Silver, Pink)

Set :

  • Aphrodite Marry me Cake RARE – 7Li

  • Aphrodite broken heart Valentines cake -RARE – 8Li

  • Aphrodite broken heart Anti Valentines cake – 11Li

  • Aphrodite Valentines cake – 8Li

  • Aphrodite My love cake – 7Li

  • Aphrodite Easter cake – 7Li

  • Aphrodite optional cake platter 1 – 2Li

  • Aphrodite optional cake platter 2 – 2Li

  • Aphrodite optional cake platter 3 – 2Li

Aphrodite cake display with texture changer – 1Li each








APHRODITE Marketplace

APHRODITE Marketplace





APHRODITE Flickr Group Pool


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