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Green Mire – Game

MADPEA - Green Mire - Game - Prizes_001

MADPEA – Green Mire – Game


Ten years ago two boys went missing in the Green Mire swamp. They seemed to have vanished without a trace and conspiracy theories were born claiming the boys somehow managed to contact the aliens and were abducted.
Now, on the 10th anniversary of the disappearance strange lights and sounds have been observed over the swamp. Believers call out that the aliens are returning, while others remain skeptical.

It’s up to you to figure out what to believe, in a dangerous place where nothing is quite as it seems. Choose your side, follow the path. The truth is out there if you only dare to believe…

MadPea’s Adventure Game – Green Mire – with 30 amazing stores, 30 Prizes.

In this pic there are some :

  • VARONIS – Surveyor Skybox – 66Li (Size is approx: 10x8m )

  • Refuge – UFO Light – 3Li

  • anxiety %roswell table – 3Li

  • anxiety %roswell medical cart – 5Li

  • Raindale – Fairhost plant (with leaves) – 4Li with texture change menu (3 colours for each part), light on/off

  • Raindale – Fairhost plant (round) – 3Li – with texture change menu (3 colours for each part),  light on/off

Achievements and a unique disturbing story is playable November 17th – January 19th.

There are 2 different HUDs as there are 2 paths to this hunt.

Each path has a different ending and different prizes.

You can choose to be a “Believer” or an “Investigative Journalist”

Pay the vendor at the Green Mire landing point or in participating store locations 500L to receive your HUD.

Read before starting : Guide for Player





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