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What Next - Winter Iced

What Next – Winter Iced-Over Pond available at the Mainstore and on Marketplace

Two versions of the pond are included – each has a little snow edging around it:
– a version with a little hole in the ice in the centre with animated water FX
– a version WITHOUT the hole.

Land impact 8 (without hole), 14 (with hole)

Original mesh

The pond is scripted with one optional skating animation (touch pond to start animation) and then use the arrow keys to move – this allows multiple avatars to use the pond at once and skate where you want to or use your own skating AO if you prefer. !!! Please note: this is not path-scripted, choreographed-type skating & skates are NOT included !!!

Matching snow texture included

Dimensions 19.06m x 16.59m x 0.01m – fits on 512 parcel and larger

Copy/mod (skate animation & script copy only)

What Next – Wintry Pembury Bench available at the Mainstore and on Marketplace

A Wintry version of the Pembury bench, covered with a little bit of snow and a dusting of frost. It makes an ideal feature for Winter decorated sims, park or garden where you or your visitors can sit, relax and drink a warming cup of hot chocolate or read the newspaper!

5 wood texture options : oak, russet, forest, weathered and frost blue

20+ high quality singles animations and 10 couples animations (PG) / with rezzing attachable props (newspaper, coffee, hot chocolate).

Uses AV Sitter scripting to give our wearable props

Original mesh ~ materials ~ copy/mod (props/scripts no mod)

3 land impact


What Next – Oversized Baubles available at the Mainstore and on Marketplace

A pair of over-sized seasonal baubles to add to your outdoor Christmas decorating display this holiday!

Each design has snowflakes on, one silvery and one gold.

100% original mesh
1 land impact each

What Next – Wintertime Cocoa & Cookies – Full set available at the Mainstore and on Marketplace

This the perfect set for hosting a cocoa and cookies party, or adding cute, festive decor to your home.

6 piece set :

  • {what next} Wintertime Hot Cocoa – 2Li

  • {what next} Wintertime Sled Server – 1Li

  • {what next} Wintertime Snowman Marshmallow Floats – 1Li

  • {what next} Wintertime Cookies – 1Li

  • {what next} Wintertime Cocoa & Cookies Garland – 5Li

  • {what next} Wintertime Mug Decor – 1Li

Tray dispenses penguin mugs of cocoa and the cookie plate dispenses a cookie – after touching the tray/plate, you’ll be given a menu of options (large or small mug or cookies) and then it will temporarily attach a mug/cookie to your avatar. Uses AVSitter scripted for props and Bento animation. Will work with non-Bento hands, but requires a Bento viewer.

copy/mod (animations, scripts and props are no mod)

Original mesh

What Next – Alpine Cabin available at the Mainstore and on Marketplace

The Alpine Cabin is a small one room cabin, warm and welcoming with a little loft area, and a working fireplace/chimney smoke. It’s ideal as a quiet retreat or for those who love smaller, cosier homes.

unfurnished one room with small loft area, snowy & no snow versions included, working menu-driven fireplace with fire FX, chimney smoke, outdoor lights *doors w/ optional security

Land Impact snowy version: 32LI no snow version: 23LI, copy & mod (scripts are no mod), 100% original mesh, footprint: 6.7m x 10.2m

Original mesh


Other :

  • {what next} Sierra Table (alone) – 2Li

  • {what next} Sierra Lantern (METAL) – 1Li







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